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The Official Japanese Maple Classification of the Maple Society

The seemingly endless variety of Japanese Maple cultivars can seem confusing to the gardening public.  When purchasing a Japanese Maple in winter it's easy to be unsure what it will look like in spring.  To help with this problem, after several years of experimentation the Maple Society has adopted the classification of Cor van Gelderen of the famous Plantentuin Esveld nursery as the Official Japanese Maple Classification of Maple Society

Autumn In New England, October 19-21, 2018

The meeting this year will be in Connecticut and Massachusetts on October 19-21st. We will be touring multiple retail nurseries, some wholesale nurseries, gardens, and arboretums. On Saturday we will be touring the Arnold Arboretum, which has one of the most amazing plant collections in the United States.


Seed Distribution Scheme - 2018

The seed distribution scheme allows members to access seed collected from various maple species and cultivars.

If you wish to apply for a share of this seed then please continue to the full article

Welcome to the Maple Society

From Japanese Maples, through Europe to the Oregon Maple - the Maple Society is the international society for all acer enthusiasts and experts.


The Maple Society holds a regular series of events from the Spring tour in the UK, through the AGM in Autum as well as the North American Branch conference and the triennial symposium.

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