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The Maple Society and COVID-19 – Update 1

With restrictions on movements in place across much of the world, the Covid-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic has had an impact on the activities of The Maple Society and of the North American Branch as set out below.

The Red List of Acer – Revised and Extended

Coming Soon, The Red List of Acer – Revised and Extended, a new publication by BGCI on the conservation status of all maple species

If you are interested in the conservation of maple species, then you may be pleased to hear that a new booklet detailing the conservation status of maples will be published in early 2020 by Botanic Gardens Conservation International (“BGCI”)

The Red List of Maples, (published in 2009 by BGCI), is currently the authoritative listing of the conservation status worldwide of all maple (Acer) species. However, it is now almost 11 years since its publication, during which much has changed.

An updated red list will be published in the 1st quarter of 2020 by BGCI under the title The Red List of Acer - Revised and Extended and will give details of the latest conservation status of all maple species.

Welcome to the Maple Society

From Japanese Maples, through Europe to the Oregon Maple - the Maple Society is the international society for all acer enthusiasts and experts.


The Maple Society holds a regular series of events from the Spring tour in the UK, through the AGM in Autum as well as the North American Branch conference and the triennial symposium.

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