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The Maple Society welcomes contact from anyone interested in Maples, the Acer family, Momiji and Kaede. Please select the appropriate category below to ensure your inquiry goes to the best person to answer your query.


Full membership details for both the North American Branch and the rest of the world are available via the Membership page however if you would like to contact the Society directly before using the membership form available there please use the form below.

Those residing outside North America

The main Maple Society membership secretary may be contacted using the membership category

Those residing within North America

Please contact the North American Branch directly with enquiries regarding membership when you reside within North America.

The North American Branch

Residents within North America with any comment or question relating to the society, the Newsletter and more should contact the North American Branch directly.


The Editor is happy to receive comments regarding the newsletter, offers of articles or other material for use in our quarterly newsletter. Articles are welcome from amateur gardeners and experts. The Newsletter category should be used to contact the Editor.

General Enquiry

If you have any question or comment which does not fit into the above headings please use the General Enquiry category to contact the Society, we will ensure the most appropriate person answers.

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