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Accepted Names for the Genus Acer

A List of Acer names on which we all agree – Utopia or (almost) a Reality?

by Koen Camelbeke for the Maple Society Species Study Group

Acer tenellum flowers

I hope Maple Society members have had time to read my first piece in the Summer 2019 edition of the newsletter as this gives the background to this project: compiling a list of names within the genus Acer for which there is broad agreement.   If you're not a member or you haven't read the article, we would still like to solicit your input.  The list below represents the work that we have done to date taking into account all the comments that we have had so far.

The next step is now to ask all Maple Society members, interested individuals and organisations everywhere to look at this list and comment on any names they feel are incorrect. Your help is needed to ensure that we get as wide agreement as possible on the list of accepted names in the genus Acer. We understand that not everyone is going to agree but we intend the final list of names to represent the majority view.

Downloadable list of Accepted Names in the Genus Acer

You do not have to comment on all the names, just the ones that you feel are incorrect and it will help of course if you say why you do not agree with the name used. Please make your comments in the third column of the list or on a separate sheet and return the list to General comments about the list would also be helpful.  You can mark up the pdf using Xodo on Windows, Preview on Mac, or Okular (among others) on Linux.

Your help and support with this project is vitally important to us and we look forward to receiving your comments. Please note that we need to receive comments by 31st January 2020 at the latest. Once we have your comments then the list will be updated to reflect them. We hope to have completed all the updates by the end of February 2020 and then it will be published on the Maple Society website.

Accepted Names
In the Genus Acer
The Maple Society Species Working Group
(version 6 November 2019)
Copyright 2019 The Maple Society
Species Authority
Acer acuminatum Wallich ex D. Don (1825)
Acer acutum Fang (1932)
Acer albopurpurascens Hayata (1911)
Acer anhweiense Fang & Fang
Acer amamiense T. Yamaz
Acer amoenum (Carriere) Hara (1954)
Acer amoenum var. matsumurae Koidzumi (1911)
Acer amplum Rehder in Sargent (1911)
Acer amplum subsp. bodinieri (H. Lev.) Y. S. Chen
Acer amplum subsp. catalpifolium (Rehder) Chen (2008)
Acer amplum subsp. tientaiense (C. K. Schneider) Y. S. Chen
Acer argutum Maximowicz (1867)
Acer barbinerve Maximowicz (1867)
Acer binzayedii Vargas-Rodriguez
Acer buergerianum Miquel (1865)
Acer buergerianum var. horizontale Metcalf (1942)
Acer buergerianum var. jiujiangense Yu (1943)
Acer buergerianum var. kaiscianense Fang (1939)
Acer buergerianum var. yentangense Fang (1966)
Acer buergerianum var. formosanum (Hayata) Murray & Lauener (1967)
Acer caesium Wallich ex Brandis (1874)
Acer caesium subsp. giraldii (Pax) Murray (1969)
Acer calcaratum Gagnepain (1948)
Acer campbellii Hooker & Thomson ex Hiern in Hooker f. (1875)
Acer campestre L. (1753)
Acer capillipes Maximowicz (1867)
Acer cappadocicum Gleditsch (1785)
Acer cappadocicum subsp. sinicum (Rehder) Handel-Mazzetti (1933)
Acer carpinifolium Siebold & Zuccarrini (1845)
Acer caudatifolium Hayata (1911)
Acer caudatum Wallich (1830)
Acer chiangdaoense Santisuk
Acer chienii Hu & Cheng (1948)
Acer chingii Hu (1930)
Acer chunii Fang (1937)
Acer chunii subsp. dimorphophyllum Fang (1979)
Acer circinatum Pursh (1814)
Acer cissifolium (Siebold & Zuccarini) K. Koch (1864)
Acer confertifolium Merrill & Metcalf (1937)
Acer cordatum Pax (1889)
Acer coriaceifolium Leveille (1912)
Acer crassum Hi & Cheng (1948)
Acer crataegifolium Siebold & Zuccarrini (1845)
Acer davidii Franchet (1885)
Acer davidii subsp. grosseri (Pax) de Jong, comb. & stat. nov.
Acer diabolicum Blume ex Koch (1864)
Acer distylum Siebold & Zuccarini (1845)
Acer divergens Koch ex PaX
Acer duplicatoserratum Hayata (1911)
Acer elegantulum Fang & Chiu (1979)
Acer erianthum Schwerin (1901)
Acer erythranthum Gagnepain (1948)
Acer fabri Hance (1884)
Acer fenzelianum Handel-Mezzetti (1933)
Acer flabellatum Rehder in Sargent (1911)
Acer floridanum (Chapman) Desmarais (1952)
Acer forrestii Diels (1912)
Acer fulvescens Rehder in Sargent (1911)
Acer glabrum Torrey (1828)
Acer glabrum var. douglasii (Hooker) Wesmael (1890)
Acer glabrum var. diffusum (Greene) F. Smiley (1921)
Acer glabrum var. neomexicanum (Greene) Kearney & Peebles (1939)
Acer gracilifolium Fang & Fu (1981)
Acer granatense Boissier (1838)
Acer grandidentatum (Torrey & Gray) Desmarais (1952)
Acer griseum (Franchet) Pax (1933)
Acer heldreichii Orphanides ex Boissier (1856)
Acer heldreichii subsp. trautvetteri (Medvedev) Murray (1982)
Acer henryi Pax (1889)
Acer heptaphlebium Gagnepain
Acer hilaense Hu & Cheng (1948)
Acer hookeri Miquel (1867)
Acer hyrcanum Fischer & Meyer (1837)
Acer hyrcanum subsp. intermedium (Pancic) Bornmuller (1894)
Acer hyrcanum subsp. keckianum (Pax) Yaltirik (1967)
Acer hyrcanum subsp. reginae-amaliae (Orphanides ex Boissier) Murray (1970)
Acer hyrcanum subsp. sphaerocarpum Yaltrick (1967)
Acer hyrcanum subsp. stevenii (Pojarkova) Murray (1969)
Acer hyrcanum subsp. tauricolum (Boissier & Balansa) Yaltirik (1967)
Acer japonicum Thunberg ex Murray (1784)
Acer komarovii Pojark in Komarov (1949)
Acer kungshanense Fang & Chang (1966)
Acer kuomeii Fang & Fang f. (1966)
Acer kwangnanense Hu & Cheng (1948)
Acer kweilinense Fang & Fang f. (1966)
Acer laevigatum Wallich (1830)
Acer laevigatum var. salweenense (W. W. Smith) J. M. Cowan ex Fang (1939)
Acer laurinum Hasskarl (1843)
Acer laxiflorum Pax in Engler (1902)
Acer leipoense Fang & Soong (1966)
Acer leucoderme (Small) Desmarais (1952)
Acer lobelii Ten.
Acer longipes Franchet ex Rehder (1905)
Acer lucidum Metcalf (1932)
Acer lungshengense Fang & Hu (1966)
Acer macrophyllum Pursh (1814)
Acer mandshuricum Maximowicz (1867)
Acer maximowiczianum Miquel (1867)
Acer maximowiczii Pax (1897)
Acer mazandaranicum H. Zare & Assadi
Acer metcalfii Rehder (1933)
Acer miaoshanicum Fang (1966)
Acer miaotaiense Tsoong (1954)
Acer micranthum Siebold & Zuccarini (1845)
Acer miyabei Maximowicz (1888)
Acer miyabei var. shibatai (Nakai) Hara (1951)
Acer monspessulanum L. (1753)
Acer monspessulanum subsp. assyriacum (Pojarkova) Rechinger f. (1969)
Acer monspessulanum subsp. cinerascens (Bossier) Yaltirik (1967)
Acer monspessulanum subsp. ibericum Yaltirick (1967)
Acer monspessulanum subsp. microphyllum (Bossier) Bornmuller (1914)
Acer monspessulanum subsp. oksalianum Yaltirick (1967)
Acer monspessulanum subsp. persicum (Pojarkova) Rechinger f. (1969)
Acer monspessulanum subsp. turcomanicum (Pojarkova) Murray (1969)
Acer morifolium Koidzumi (1914)
Acer negundo L. (1793)
Acer negundo subsp. californicum (Torrey & Grey) Wesmael (1890)
Acer negundo subsp. mexicanum (DC.) Wesmael (1890)
Acer negundon var. texanum Pax
Acer nigrum (Michaux f.) Desmarais (1952)
Acer nipponicum Hara (1938)
Acer oblongum Wallich ex DC. (1824)
Acer oblongum var. itoanum (Hayata) Li (1952)
Acer oblongum var. omeiense Fang & Soong (1979)
Acer obtusifolium Sibthorp & Smith (1809)
Acer okamotoanum (Nakai) H. Ohashi
Acer oligocarpum Fang & Hu (1979)
Acer oliverianum Pax (1889)
Acer opalus P. Miller (1768)
Acer opalus subsp. obtusatum (Willdenow) Gams (1925)
Acer osmastonii Gamble
Acer paihengii Fang (1966)
Acer palmatum Thunberg ex Murray (1784)
Acer pauciflorum Fang (1932)
Acer paxii Franchet (1886)
Acer pectinatum Wallich ex Nicholson (1881)
Acer pectinatum subsp. taronense (Handel-Mazzeti) Murray (1977)
Acer pensylvanicum L. (1753)
Acer pentaphyllum Diels (1931)
Acer pentapomicum Stewart ex Brandis (1874)
Acer pictum Thunberg ex Murray (1784)
Acer pictum subsp. dissectum (Wesm) H. Ohashi
Acer pictum subsp. dissectum f. connivens (G. Nicholson) H. Ohashi
Acer pictum subsp. dissectum f. piliferum (K. Ogata) H. Ohashi
Acer pictum subsp. glaucum (Koidz) H. Ohashi
Acer pictum subsp. macropterum (W.P.Fang) H. Ohashi
Acer pictum subsp. mayrii (Schwerin) Nakai (1930)
Acer pictum subsp. mono (Maximowicz) H. Ohashi (1993)
Acer pictum subsp. pubigerum (W.P.Fang)
Acer pictum f. pulvigerum (K. Ogata) H. Ohashi
Acer pictum subsp. savatieri (Pax) H. Ohashi
Acer pictum subsp. taishakuense (Ogata) H. Ohashi
Acer pilosum Maximowicz (1880)
Acer pilosum var. stenolobum (Rehder) Fang (1966)
Acer platanoides L. (1753)
Acer poliophyllum Fang & Wu (1979)
Acer pseudoplatanus L. (1753)
Acer pseudosieboldianum (Pax) Komarov
Acer pseudowilsonii Y. S. Chen
Acer pubinerve Rehder in Sargent (1907)
Acer pubipalmatum Fang (1932)
Acer pubipetiolatum Hu & W.C. Cheng (1948)
Acer pubipetiolatum var. pingpienense Fang &Hu (1966)
Acer pycnanthum Koch (1864)
Acer rubescens Hayata (1911)
Acer rubrum L. (1753)
Acer rubrum var. drummondii (Nuttall) Sargent (1884)
Acer rufinerve Siebold & Zuccarini (1845)
Acer saccharinum L. (1753)
Acer saccharum Marshall (1785)
Acer saccharum subsp. ozarkense Murray (1978)
Acer saccharum var. rugelii (Pax) Rehder (1900)
Acer saccharum var. schneckii Rehder (1913)
Acer sempervirens L. (1767)
Acer serrulatum Hayata (1911)
Acer shenkanense Fang ex Fu (1981)
Acer shihweii Chun & Fang (1966)
Acer shirasawanum Koidzumi (1911)
Acer sieboldianum Miquel (1867)
Acer sikkimense Miquel (1867)
Acer sinense Pax, Hooker's Icon. 1897 1889
Acer sino-oblongum Metcalf (1932)
Acer sinopurpurascens Cheng (1931)
Acer skutchii (Rehder) Murray (1975)
Acer sosnowskyi Duloch
Acer spicatum Lamark (1786)
Acer stachyophyllum Hiern in J. Hooker (1875)
Acer stachyophyllum subsp. betulifolium (Maximowicz) de Jong, comb. & stat. nov
Acer sterculiaceum Wallich (1830)
Acer sterculiaceum subsp. franchetii (Pax) Murray (1969)
Acer sutchuenense Franchet (1894)
Acer sycopseoides Chun (1932)
Acer takesimense (Nakai) de Jong comb. & stat. Nov
Acer tataricum L. (1753)
Acer tataricum subsp. aidzuense (Franchet) de Jong, comb & stat. nov.
Acer tataricum subsp. ginnala (Maximowicz) Wesmael (1890)
Acer tataricum subsp. semenovii (Regel & Herder) Murray (1982)
Acer tataricum subsp. theiferum (Fang) Chen & de Jong, comb. nov
Acer tegmentosum Maximowicz (1857)
Acer tenellum Pax (1889)
Acer tenellum var. septemlobum Fang & Soong (1979)
Acer tenuifolium (Koidz.) Koidz.
Acer thomsonii Miquel (1867)
Acer tibetense Fang (1939)
Acer tonkinense Lecompte (1912)
Acer triflorum Komarov (1901)
Acer truncatum Bunge (1833)
Acer tschonoskii Maximowicx (1886)
Acer tsinglingense Fang & C. C. Hsieh (1966)
Acer turkestanicum Pax in Engler (1902)
Acer tutcheri Duthie (1908)
Acer tutcheri var. shimadae Hayata (1911)
Acer ukurunduense (Trautvetter & Meyer) Murray (1966)
Acer undulatum Pojark
Acer velutinium Boissier (1846)
Acer velutinum var. vanvolxemii (Masters) Rehder (1938)
Acer wangchii Fang (1966)
Acer wardii W. W. Smoth (1917)
Acer wilsonii Rehder in Sargent (1905)
Acer yangbiense Chen & Yang (2003)
Acer yinkunii Fang (1966)
Acer yuii Fang (1934)


The Acer Species Working Group at The Maple Society:

  • Koen Camelbeke, Arboretum Wespelaar, Belgium,  Chairperson
  • Hugh Angus, formerly at Westonbirt, UK
  • Dan Crowley, BGCI, UK
  • Anthony Aiello, Morris Arboretum, USA
  • Douglas Justice, UBC Botanical Garden, Canada


Copyright 2019 The Maple Society

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