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The Maple Society and COVID-19 – Update 1

With restrictions on movements in place across much of the world, the Covid-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic has had an impact on the activities of The Maple Society and of the North American Branch as set out below.

2020 UK Spring Meeting – 25-26 April

Due to the current restrictions on personal movement in the UK due to the epidemic, and the uncertainty over their duration, the 2020 UK Spring Meeting in Cornwall has been cancelled.

Hugh Angus put a lot of work into organising the meeting, and the Committee would like to thank him, on your behalf, for his efforts.

The current intention is to roll-over the arrangements for the 2020 Spring Meeting to Spring 2021.     

2020 UK Autumn Meeting & AGM – 4 October

It is hoped that the Covid-19 epidemic will have abated sufficiently by late-Summer for the UK Government to relax the current restrictions sufficiently to allow the Autumn Meeting to be held as planned.

2020 International Triennial Symposium – 16-18 October, and Post-Symposium Tour – 19-20 October

The 2020 Symposium at the JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, is being organised by the North American Branch. It is hoped that the movement restrictions to combat the Covid-19 epidemic in the USA will have been lifted in time for the Symposium to go ahead, and that the travel restrictions on members in their own countries outside of the USA and on travel to and from the USA will also have been relaxed to allow speakers and delegates from outside the USA to attend the Symposium.

The Newsletter

The Summer Newsletter is due to be published on 1st June. Hugh Angus and Keith Montgomery intend to produce the Summer edition as usual, subject to them both remaining in good health, but it will be a more compact edition than normal as there will not be the usual reports on the UK Spring Meeting.

If the movement restrictions are still in place in the UK in mid-May, it will not be possible to produce the printed version of the Newsletter, and it will only be published in electronic format as a PDF. The PDF version will be e-mailed to all members who have given us an e-mail address. If you have not already provided your e-mail address to the Society, please send an e-mail to our Secretary, Jan Walker using this contact form, whilst North American Branch members should e-mail the NAB Secretary, Marielle Eykemans via the NAB contact form.

Please note: Publication via e-mail only is a temporary arrangement due to the Covid-19 epidemic. We will return to our normal publication arrangements as soon as we can.

Production and Distribution of the Printed Copies of The Red List of Acer

It is understood that finalising the “The Red List of Acer” took slightly longer than was anticipated when the Spring 2020 Newsletter went to press, and this would have resulted in the printed copies not being available until closer to the end of March. Unfortunately, the restrictions imposed by the UK government in recent weeks has further delayed the production of the printed copies, and they will not now be available for distribution until after the movement restrictions have been relaxed in the UK. Given the number of Covid-19 cases in the UK, it is not possible to say when that will be.

Obviously the Covid-19 situation will unfold over the coming weeks and months, and probably at different speeds in different countries. As matters progress, the effect on The Maple Society’s activities will change, and further updates will be posted on the website as and when necessary.

We hope very much that all our members and their families are able to keep safe and well in the face of the current epidemic, and we trust that you will bear with us during this difficult period for so many people across the world.

The Maple Society & The Maple Society North American Branch

6 April 2020.

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