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The Official Japanese Maple Classification of the Maple Society

The seemingly endless variety of Japanese Maple cultivars can seem confusing to the gardening public.  When purchasing a Japanese Maple in winter it's easy to be unsure what it will look like in spring.  To help with this problem, after several years of experimentation the Maple Society has adopted the classification of Cor van Gelderen of the famous Plantentuin Esveld nursery as the Official Japanese Maple Classification of Maple Society

The classification has been published in "Dendroflora", a yearly scientific magazine on plants published by the Dutch Royal Boskoop Society and the Dutch Dendrology Society, and will be officially adopted by the latter.  To help both amateurs and professionals determine where to place cultivars in the classification, we provide a Key to the Classification.

Utsu semi
Acer 'Utsu-semi' (Amoenum Group), Fall Colors


Shinjuku gyoen
Mature Acer palmatum, Shinjuku-gyoen


Official Japanese Maple Classification of Maple Society Key to the Classification


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