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North American Branch meeting - Oregon, October 30 - November 1, 2015

North American Branch of the Maple Society
Fall Meeting, Silverton, OR. “Oregon Garden”

October 30, October 31 and November 1, 2015.

The Oregon Garden - image linked directly from
The meeting is coming together quite nicely. We have some amazing speakers on some great topics. We also have some really nice gardens lined up. We have a group discount rate on rooms at the Oregon Garden Resort for $99 this event. These are nice and can pick double or king bed. You can book your rooms for the Maple Society Meeting by calling Kate Cutler (503) 874-2509

To register you can mail form to: The Maple Society North American Branch P.O. Box 2635 Port Angeles, WA 98362

Speakers at the Oregon meeting

Jay W. Pscheidt - "Maddening Maple Maladies"

Jay W. Pscheidt received his Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1985. Since 1988 he has been a professor at Oregon State University as an Extension Plant Pathology Specialist. His principal duties are to lead a statewide extension program related to the diagnosis and management of diseases of all fruit, nut, and ornamental/nursery crops. He is also co-editor of regional publication The Pacific Northwest Plant Disease Management Handbook.

Patricia Smyth - "Creating Container Gardens with Japanese Maples"

We will guide you through selection of your tree and container and companion plants and demonstrate the planting and long term care.

I am Patricia Smyth, Nancy Fiers’ daughter. In 1999 after selling my landscaping company of 15 years, I purchased a beautiful piece of property in Potter Valley, south of Mountain Maples, to join and expand the family business. With a milder climate and abundant water the maples flourished. Easy access extended our shipping season and the business grew. Tragedy struck our family in 2006 when my mother Nancy died as the result of a car accident. As we grieved we struggled to maintain the business and understand what was next. Don continued Mountain Maples for a brief period until 2008 when he closed the business. It was clear to me I was to continue the work my mother began.

My new business, ‘Essence of the tree’, was born. And we are growing again. With the help of the Maple community we continue to expand our inventory and knowledge. My sons Ian and Charles, by lending computer skills and customer service expand and improve our business to better serve our customers with excellent service and beautiful trees, true to name.

By cultivating the essence of the mature tree, container gardening allows us to have the calm elegance of a tree in our intimate spaces. Container gardening seems to be the natural evolution as our gardens mature. We search for the perfect tree for our container garden, with just the right companion plants to compliment as the seasons change, each piece of the garden carefully chosen. This garden is close to our living space. Next to the patio table where we enjoy our summer meals or at our entrance to enjoy each time we walk by. With consistent care your tree will be with you for many years and perhaps you can pass on for your children to enjoy as well.

Brent J. Marcus - "Selecting Japanese Maples and other Maples for the landscape ‘How to use these incredible trees in standard and creative ways’"

Brent won Best Collector’s Garden by the Chicago Tribune for the redesign of his family’s half-acre property—at age fifteen! His unique ambition led to the redesign of his high school’s landscape in 1999, a Bachelors of Science degree in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University, and the start of his own design business Markus Specimen Trees in 2004. Three years later Brent founded Markus Farms LLC in Silverton, Oregon, and launched Rare Tree Nursery, a wholesale Japanese maple and conifer nursery, while pursuing a Masters in Ornamental Horticulture in 2009. Brent founded, the retail mail order extension of Rare Tree Nursery in 2011.

Through landscape design, supplying to garden centers and collectors throughout the U.S. Brent has experienced all levels of customers in many different climate types and situations. He is consistently expanding what his nurseries grow and the plants he utilizes in landscapes.

Keith Johansson - "A Maple For Every Spot II"

Raised on a 1 acre Oriental style garden in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Keith Johansson acquired a love of plants at an early age. He worked in a nursery from age 13 to age 18 where he maintained the stock and propagated house plants. A graduate of Tulsa University with a B. S. Finance degree he is also an accomplished clarinetist and taught private lessons. After 15 years in Financial Planning with a large diversified oil company he and his wife Jeri moved to Fort Worth, Texas and started a 6 acre maple farm called Metro Maples. Keith is a founding member and past president of the Ozark Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society and a past president of the North American Branch of the Maple Society. He is also the owner of 3 patented Shantung maples. His updated presentation, ‘A Maple For Every Spot II’ discusses ways you might not have imagined to use maples and explores solutions to a new extremely difficult spot for maples.

Matt Nichols & Tim Nichols - "International Maples of Mystery"

New and Exciting Maples and Our Recent Trip to Japan’

Matthew and Tim Nichols are the co-owners and operators of They are passionate about their love for maples and they share this interest through educational talks and group presentations. Matt and his brother Tim have expanded their father's hobby into a respected nursery that offers a large selection of ornamental trees. They travel extensively talking to industry leaders about propagation and advanced growing methods. The collection encompasses of over 1000 Japanese maple cultivars in section palmata, over 200 acer species, over 150 cultivars of ginkgo as well as many other sizeable plant collections.

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