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Seed Distribution Scheme - 2020

Seed preference


The seed distribution scheme allows members to access seed collected from various maple species and cultivars.

Please Note: The seed distribution is a benefit for Maple Society members only.  If you aren't a member and you sign up here, your payment will be refunded and you won't receive seed.  Please join us to participate!

If you wish to apply for a share of this seed then please note the following:

  1. Please make a payment of £5 for UK destinations and £8 for the rest of the world, Payment should be made on this page using credit or debit card, or through a PayPal account – your name and address for delivery will be gathered at the time of payment. Please ensure payment is made before the end of November. A PayPal account is not needed to use this payment service.
  2. Please state whether you require small, medium or large maples and we shall do our best to meet these requirements.
  3. This scheme will be administered from the UK so please ensure that you obtain the appropriate permissions to import/receive seed fom the appropriate authorities in your country before applying for seed. If you apply for seed we have to presume that it is legal for you to do so and that you have obtained the required permission from the relevant authorities in your country. In particular because of problems encountered and the current international situation, we are unable to send seed to North America at this time.
  4. Because of bio-security concerns we shall only be accepting seed for the scheme from UK sources, all with the owner's permission.
  5. Once the seed has been collected it will be divided between applicants as fairly as we can. Generally speaking the allocation will be contained in an A4 or A5 sized envelope and will be sent out as soon as possible.
  6. Please note that we cannot guarantee a particular species as it will depend on what seed is available at the time of collection. Neither can we guarantee that the seeds will yield species that are 100% true to type as there is the possibility of hybridization in the parks and gardens where the seeds are collected. Likewise we cannot guarantee successful seed germination.
  7. UK Members who supply seed to the scheme are entitled to a free share.

On a more general note it would be appreciated if UK members could collect and send seed to, Robin Jamie, our co-ordinator. Please contact Robin by e-mail to arrange sending seed. This would be most welcome and will give members a great chance to get some unusual species. If you are sending seed, please ensure that the seed for each species or cultivar is in a separate packet, with each packet clearly labelled with the species/cultivar name, and date, place & country of collection.

If you have any further questions about the scheme then please email Robin.

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