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International Maple Symposium 2017 in Roscoff, Brittany, France - 25/26 October

Registration for the International Maple Symposium 2017 is closed.

The 2017 International Maple Symposium will take place in Roscoff, Brittany, France on October 25th and 26th 2017. The Northern Brittany Coast enjoys an exceptionally mild microclimate which allows for growing the most tender maple species. The Symposium will follow the traditional format with morning presentations and afternoon visits to nearby gardens and arboreta.

The Post-Symposium tour, from October 27th to October 29th, will take participants to an exceptional tour of Normandy visiting some of the most outstanding French gardens like Vasterival and L'étang de l'Aunay with remarkable Maple collections in full Fall colors.

Travel information to Roscoff has been put together to help attendees plan their visit.

If you have any questions about this process please get in touch.


Download full symposium details (PDF documents):



Workshop on Red Listing of Maples

On October 24th, in collaboration with Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), there will be a dedicated Workshop on Red Listing of Maples. We want to address the question of how threatened are the world’s maple species. Preliminary evaluation of the conservation status of maples has long been a priority for BGCI. In 2009 The Red List of Maples (published by BGCI) reported that a quarter of world’s maples are threatened with extinction in the wild.


Since this publication new information on existing taxa has been published and new threats have emerged. In addition, since 2009, there have been several taxonomic changes to the Acer genus. In the light of this new information and new taxa, it is time to produce an updated and extended version of the Red List of Maples. This workshop will give background to the red listing process for maples and present preliminary results on the threats to the world’s maples. Participants will be able to get involved with the red listing processes as we seek to fill in gaps in some preliminary red list assessments. We will encourage the contribution of knowledge on current species threats, distribution, current conservation status and other areas of expertise



The first day of the Symposium will focus on maple species with updated presentations on Vietnamese, Chinese, Iranian and North-American maples. The presentations will be followed by a Round-Table where we will debate the current status on the phylogenetic and systematic position of maple species with the aim of identifying the high-priority sections. The Round-Table will be composed by the morning speakers, completed by renowned Botanists; the audience will also be invited to contribute to the debate.


The second day of the Symposium will focus on conservation of species and on maple cultivars. Two presentations will report on current efforts to preserve Acer pentaphyllum and Acer griseum.

Please read the scientific program for full details.

The subject of Maple cultivars will be introduced by two presentations by a well-known Maple collector and by a well-known nurseryman. The round table planned after the presentations will treat current issues regarding maple cultivars. The increased popularity of maples in gardens has resulted in an ever increasing pace of new cultivar introductions. Since the publication by Peter Gregory and Hugh Angus of the World Checklist of Maple Cultivars in 2008, where 3800 cultivars were listed, many more have been added by growers and enthusiasts in Japan, Europe and North America. It is not unreasonable to believe that soon cultivars selected in China will be more widely available. Faced with this situation it is very difficult, not to say impossible, to follow up and assess interest. The round-table discussion will hinge around:

  • Cor van Gelderen proposed new grouping for Japanese Maples cultivars.
  • How and whether the registration process should be improved.
  • How and whether the Maple Society could contribute to the goal of improving the situation with Maple cultivars.


Detailed Schedule

Please note the name of the hotel in Roscoff has changed from Hotel Thalasstonic to Golden Tulip Hotel & Spa, the location is the same and the room rates remain as advertised.

October 24th: Arrivals and pre-Symposium activities.

  • Attendees flying into Paris CDG airport should connect with a domestic flight from Paris-CDG airport to Brest airport. There are only 3 flights available for the day, and they arrive at Brest @11.35, 17.10 and 22:40. The organization has planned for a coach that will pick up attendees at Brest Airport only for the day flights and drive them to Roscoff.
  • Attendees arriving in the morning flight could use the afternoon to visit Le Jardin Exotique de Roscoff or Le Jardin Georges Delaselle, Île de Batz
  • A Maple Red Listing Workshop is being organized as a pre-Symposium event from 14:30 to 18:30 at Golden Tulip Hotel & Spa in Roscoff where most delegates will be staying.

October 25th: Roscoff. International Maple Symposium

October 26th: Roscoff, International Maple Symposium

  • Coach drives attendees from Golden Tulip Hotel & Spa to conference center Le Kerisnel.
  • Morning: Lectures
  • Afternoon: Visit the Poërop Arboretum (L'arboretum des Arbres du Monde au Huelgoat)
  • Symposium ends
  • Night in Roscoff

The Post-Symposium tour, from October 27th to October 29th, will take participants to an exceptional tour of Normandy visiting some of the most outstanding French gardens endowed with remarkable Maple collections; the chosen dates coincide with the peak season for fall colours.

October 27th: Post-Symposium Tour

  • Tour begins
  • 07:30: Coach departure from Golden Tulip Hotel & Spa in Roscoff.
  • 11:30-13:00 Lunch at Gayot Restaurant in Bagnoles de l'Orne
  • 13:40-16:30 Visit the private maple collection of Emery Davis
  • 16:30-18:30 Drive to Rouen
  • Night in Qualys Hotel, Rouen

October 28th: Post-Symposium Tour

October 29th: Post-Symposium Tour

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