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The Red List of Acer – Revised and Extended

Red List of Acer - 2020, cover
"The Red List of Acer" - to be published in early 2020.

Coming Soon, The Red List of Acer – Revised and Extended, a new publication by BGCI on the conservation status of all maple species

If you are interested in the conservation of maple species, then you may be pleased to hear that a new booklet detailing the conservation status of maples will be published in early 2020 by Botanic Gardens Conservation International (“BGCI”)

The Red List of Maples, (published in 2009 by BGCI), is currently the authoritative listing of the conservation status worldwide of all maple (Acer) species. However, it is now almost 11 years since its publication, during which much has changed.

An updated red list will be published in the 1st quarter of 2020 by BGCI under the title The Red List of Acer - Revised and Extended and will give details of the latest conservation status of all maple species.

As part of their commitment to maple conservation, The Maple Society and its North American Branch have jointly funded the printing and distribution of The Red List of Acer to botanic and academic institutions concerned with the conservation and preservation of maples.

When The Red List of Acer is published, it will only be available to the general public via a free download from the BGCI website.

Whilst the printed, 48 page, booklet will not be made available to the general public, The Maple Society is pleased to announce that it will have a limited number of the official, printed, The Red List of Acer booklets which it is able to offer to members of the Maple Society at £5.00 each plus postage at the rates as listed below:

  • UK: £1.72 = Total Cost per Copy £6.72
  • Mainland Europe, Russian Federation, and the Irish Republic: £4.60 = Total Cost per Copy £9.60
  • Rest of the World (excl Australia, New Zealand and Oceania): £6.80 = Total Cost per Copy £11.80
  • Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: £7.20 = Total Cost per Copy = £12.20

Members of The Maple Society can order “The Red List of Acer” booklet in advance of its publication, see below, with payment by PayPal, you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay by this method. Alternatively, a copy can be ordered by post, details below.

This may be the only opportunity for members of The Maple Society to buy the official, printed The Red List of Acer booklet as BGCI will not be making it publicly available in hard print.

Red List of Maples - 2009, cover
"The Red List of Maples" – published 2009

Important Information – Please Read before Placing your Order:

  1. This opportunity to buy the official printed copy of The Red List of Acer is currently only open to members of The Maple Society as the number of copies available is limited. The Society reserves the right to decline any orders received from non-members. Should such orders be declined, The Society will refund any monies in full.
  2. The publication date has not yet been confirmed by BGCI, and therefore The Maple Society is at present unable to give a specific date when it expects to be able to despatch orders. Copies ordered in advance will be sent out shortly after the official publication date.
  3. As the number of copies is limited, orders will be dealt with in the order in which they were received. In the event that there are insufficient copies to meet all orders, any monies paid with orders that are unfulfilled will be returned in full by The Society.
  4. If you require more than one copy, please contact us via our Enquiries page before you place your order, giving us your postal address and the number of copies that you require so that we can obtain the lowest postal charge for you. We will then contact you with the total cost and arrange your payment with you.
  5. If ordering by post, payment by cheque must accompany your order, and the cheque must be drawn on a Sterling bank account and made payable to “The Maple Society” for the relevant amount as detailed above. Also, do not forget to provide your name and address with your order.
  6. Members of The Maple Society North American Branch (TMSNAB) are asked not to place orders as separate arrangements have been made to make copies of The Red List of Acer available to TMSNAB members.
To order on-line and pay with a credit/debit card or through PayPal use the form below:
Member or Company Name Contact e-mail

To order by post, paying by cheque, write to:

The Secretary - The Maple Society,
c/o Forest Hill Lodge West,
Rushall Lane,
Corfe Mullen,
BH21 3RT,

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