About The Maple Society

Acer palmatum, Shinjuku, Tokyo

About The Maple Society

The Maple Society is dedicated to furthering the knowledge, supporting the conservation and promoting the culture of all species within the genus Acer.  Founded in the UK in 1990, we have grown to become a truly international community of maple enthusiasts, welcoming experts and amateurs alike from around the world.

Aiming to increase public awareness of maples, The Maple Society encourages discussion, promotes education and shares information in a variety of ways.  These include an informative quarterly newsletter, expert-led group garden tours, regular online talks by guest speakers and a triennial symposium, bringing together members from all corners of the globe.

With ever increasing pressure being placed on the natural world, The Maple Society actively supports the environmental protection, scientific study and conservation of maple species.  Most recently, these efforts ensured a successful collaboration with BGCI (Botanic Gardens Conservation International) to produce The Red List of Acer, the definitive report on the conservation status of maples in the wild.

The Maple Society is open to all, from those with a small courtyard garden growing a few trees in containers to arboretum owners; from Japanese maple collectors to bonsai practitioners; from members of the scientific community to anyone simply looking to learn more about these most remarkable trees.  The most important thing is to admire all things Acer!

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