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At the Sixth International Maple Symposium in Roscoff, France in 2017, the Maple Society tasked its newly formed Species Working Group – Koen Camelbeke, Chairperson –  to perform a survey of current taxonomy and release a list of accepted names for the genus. 

Initially released in 2020, this ongoing work rationalizes the names in Flora of China, other Floras (accessible through Tropicos), Maples of the World, van Gelderen et al, 1994 and de Jong, Proceedings of the International Maple Symposium, 2002.

The Accepted Names List represents the vast majority of species within the genus Acer but is by intention incomplete: it gives only those names which enjoy wide support within the botanical community, avoiding those which are the most controversial.  A living document, the list will be updated as new understanding and consensus, often from new phylogenetic research, becomes available.

In 2021 the leadership of the Species Group passed from Koen Camelbeke to Dan Crowley.  At the this time, with the further support of the Maple Society, Crowley completed another major milestone: the Accepted Synonyms List for Acer.  This exciting and unprecedented work presents more than 2,200 synonyms from both historic and current usage, and is also intended to be a living document.

The Maple Society Species Working Group is now part of the World Flora Online Taxonomic Expert Network, allowing it to contribute broadly to vital work and extend the reach of the Maple Society.

These pages give you access to these resources and more, including the vegetative key and accompanying scans from Jan De Langhe, University of Ghent, a selected bibliography, and links to Acer conservation resources.

The Acer Species Working Group at The Maple Society:

  • Dan Crowley, BGCI, Global Conservation Consortium Acer, UK, Chairperson
  • Koen Camelbeke, Arboretum Wespelaar, Belgium
  • Hugh Angus, formerly at Westonbirt, UK
  • Anthony Aiello, Morris Arboretum, USA
  • Douglas Justice, UBC Botanical Garden, Canada