OSI Paper Links

The Maple Society Open Science Initiative groups together links to papers that may be of interest to botanists, dendrologists, and maple enthusiasts.  All papers are freely available on the web without a paywall.  The Maple Society retains neither copyright nor responsibility for any content contained therein.

You can participate in the OSI by contributing links.  If you have a paper you think would be of interest here, or find a link with a problem — e.g. it doesn’t work or you can’t access the paper without paying or subscribing — please contact osi@maplesociety.org.  If you own the copyright of a paper and don’t want it listed here, let us know and we’ll take the link down.

Genome-wide supermatrix analysis of Maples, Areces-Berazain et al, 2021

Climate Change: Model Maples, Grossman, 2020

A Nuclear Ribosomal DNA Phylogeny of Acer, Grimm et al, 2006

Phylogeny and Correlated Evolution in Maples, Ackerly et al, 1998

The Evolution of Dioecy, Heterodichogamy, and Labile Sex Expression in Acer, Renner et al, 2007

Phylogenetic Relationships of Maples, Suh et al, 1998.

Phylgenetics of Acer (Aceroideae, Sapindaceae)… Li et al, 2008

Phylogeny of Aceraceae based on ITS and trnL-F data sets, Tian et al, 2000

Phylogeny and circumsciption of Sapindaceae revisited, Buerki et al, 2010

Remnant sugar maple (Acer saccharum subsp. skutchii) populations at their range edge: Characteristics, environmental constraints and conservation implications in tropical America, Vargas-Rodriguez, Y.L., et al. 2012

Large scale patterns of genetic variation and differentiation in sugar maple from tropical Central America to temperate North America, Vargas-Rodriguez, Y.L. et al. 2015

Acer binzayedii (Sapindaceae), a new maple species from Mexico, Vargas-Rodriguez, Y.L. et al. 2017

Maple phylogeny and biogeography inferred from phylogenomic data, Jianhu Li et al, 2019

Some Things you Probably Didn’t Know about Bootstrap, 2014 (This blog entry is useful in understanding some of the statistical issues in phylogenetic analysis).

Culture and Propagation of Japanese Maples, Guy Phillips, Virginia Polytechnic (2003)

Flowering and Sex Expression in Acer L., A Biosystematic Study, P.C. de Jong (1976)

THE EVOLUTION OF DIOECY, HETERODICHOGAMY, AND LABILE SEX EXPRESSION IN ACER, S. S. Renner, L. Beenken, G. W. Grimm, A. Kocyan, and R. E. Ricklefs (2007)

Sex Change Towards Female in Dying Acer rufinerve Trees, SATOSHI NANAMI, HIDEYUKI KAWAGUCHI and TAKUO YAMAKURA

Flower development of different genders in the morphologically andromonoecious but functionally monoecious plant Acer elegantulum Fang et P. L. Chiu, Yi-Bo Luo, Jin-Liang Yu, Zai-Kang Tong, Hong-Bo Zhao (2017)

Evolutionary history of a widespread tree species Acer mono in East Asia, Xi-Di Guo, Hong-Fang Wang, Lei Bao, Tian-Ming Wang, Wei-Ning Bai, Jun-Wei Ye, and Jian-Ping Ge (2014)

A reappraisal of the acer wilsonii complex and related species in China, Hyun Joo Eom, Piet C. de Jong, Chin-Sung Chang (2011)

Gene Expressing and sRNA Sequencing Show That Gene Differentiation Associates with a Yellow Acer palmatum Mutant Leaf in Different Light Conditions, Shu-Shun Li, Qian-Zhong Li, Li-Ping Rong, Ling Tang and Bo Zhang (2015)

The Colchic region as refuge for relict tree lineages: Cryptic speciation in field maples, Guido W. GRIMM, Thomas DENK

Acer acuminatilobum J. Papp (1958) Matra-ancient maple, Bartha Déne, Viktor Kerenyi-Nagy