Maple Society Benefits


Acer ‘Deshojo’

Becoming a Member in The Maple Society affords a wealth of benefits for maple enthusiasts at every level… 

  • A high quality, full color, Quarterly Newsletter. Articles include: the latest on the Society activities, news on the latest cultivar introductions, scientific discoveries about species, conservation news, and much more.
  • Access to over 30 years of newsletters in our archive.
  • An opportunity to participate in the Society’s vaunted Seed Exchange program, which lets you grow difficult to find Japanese maples and other maple seed.
  • Access to the Society’s unmatched Cultivar Database, which includes nearly 4,000 Japanese maple cultivars and many species maple cultivars.
  • The chance to join our exclusive events, including classes and workshops, our biennial Symposium, as well as virtual and in-person guided tours of the great gardens and nurseries.
  • Language-local Zoom events, held in English, French and Spanish, along with access to previously recorded Zoom events.
  • Ready advice on cultivation or other maple issues from knowledgeable and experienced Society members with our unique “Ask the Expert” feature.
  • Access to the Maple Society’s private Members Forum.
  • Promotion and blogging opportunities about your maples on our website.
  • An opt-in list of members willing to share their gardens with you, or just get together to talk about maples!

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