Acer Species Vegetative Scans

Acer Species Scans to Accompany the Vegetative Key

These scans are Copyright Jan De Langhe and Arboretum Wespelaar, and appear with permission. They have been reduced from the originals for easier on-screen viewing. For the full resolution scans, as well as identifying photographs of many other genera, please see the Arboretum Wespelaar.

Special thanks to Koen Camelbeke of Wespelaar and Jan De Langhe, University of Ghent, for their generous cooperation.

Names in parentheses that are not hybrids match the Accepted Names.  The photograph names are unchanged from how they appeared as of this date.  These images were synchronized with those at Wespelaar in July 2021.

Acer acuminatum

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Acer albopurpurascens

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Acer amamiense

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Acer amoenum var. amoenum

Acer amoenum var. matsumurae

Acer amplum

Acer amplum × A.cappadocicum

Acer argutum

Acer barbinerve

Acer bodinieri

Acer ×bornmuelleri (A.campestre × A.monspessulanum)

Acer buergerianum

Acer buergerianum subsp. ningpoense

Acer caesium

Acer caesium subsp. giraldii

Acer calcaratum

Acer campbellii

Acer aff. campbellii

Acer campbellii subsp. campbellii

Acer campestre

Acer campestre 'Carnival'

Acer campestre 'Postelense'

Acer campestre 'Pulverulentum'

Acer capillipes

Acer cappadocicum

Acer cappadocicum subsp. cappadocicum

Acer cappadocicum 'Rubrum'

Acer cappadocicum subsp. sinicum

Acer carpinifolium

Acer catalpifolium

Acer caudatifolium

Acer caudatum

Acer caudatum var. georgei

Acer chapaense

Acer chienii

Acer circinatum

Acer circinatum × A.japonicum 'Aconitifolium'

Acer circinatum × A.japonicum 'Vitifolium'

Acer cissifolium

Acer ×conspicuum 'Elephants Ear' (A.davidii × A.pensylvanicum)

Acer ×conspicuum 'Phoenix' (A.davidii × A.pensylvanicum)

Acer cordatum

Acer coriaceifolium

Acer ×coriaceum (A.monspessulanum × A.opalus)

Acer crataegifolium

Acer davidii

Acer davidii 'Cantonspark'

Acer davidii subsp. grosseri

Acer diabolicum

Acer ×dieckii (A.cappadocicum × A.platanoides)

Acer distylum

Acer divergens

Acer duplicatoserratum

Acer elegantulum

Acer erianthum

Acer fabri

Acer fenzelianum

Acer flabellatum

Acer flabellatum var. yunnanense

Acer forrestii

Acer ×freemanii 'Jeffersred' (A.rubrum × A.saccharinum)

Acer fulvescens

Acer glabrum subsp. douglasii

Acer glabrum subsp. glabrum

Acer granatense

Acer grandidentatum

Acer griseum

Acer griseum × A.maximowiczianum

Acer heldreichii

Acer heldreichii subsp. heldreichii

Acer heldreichii var. macropterum

Acer heldreichii subsp. trautvetteri

Acer heldreichii subsp. visianii

Acer henryi

Acer ×hillieri (A.cappadocicum × A.miyabei)

Acer ×hillieri 'Summergold' (A.cappadocicum × A.miyabei)

Acer HWJ 569

Acer ×hybridum (A.monspessulanum × A.opalus)

Acer hyrcanum

Acer hyrcanum subsp. hyrcanum

Acer hyrcanum subsp. keckianum

Acer hyrcanum subsp. tauricolum

Acer japonicum

Acer japonicum × A.pseudosieboldianum

Acer japonicum 'Aconitifolium'

Acer laevigatum

Acer laevigatum var. salweenense

Acer LANC 962

Acer laurinum

Acer laxiflorum

Acer leucoderme

Acer lobelii

Acer longipes

Acer macrophyllum

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Acer mandshuricum

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Acer maximowiczianum

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Acer maximowiczii

Acer metcalfii

Acer miaotaiense

Acer micranthum

Acer micranthum 'Candelabrum'

Acer miyabei subsp. miyabei

Acer monspessulanum

Acer monspessulanum subsp. turcomanicum

Acer morifolium

Acer negundo

Acer negundo 'Auratum'

Acer negundo 'Aureomarginatum'

Acer negundo subsp. californicum var. texanum

Acer negundo 'Elegans'

Acer negundo 'Flamingo'

Acer negundo subsp. interius

Acer negundo subsp. mexicanum

Acer nigrum

Acer nipponicum

Acer oblongum

Acer obtusifolium

Acer oliverianum

Acer opalus

Acer opalus subsp. opalus

Acer palmatum

Acer palmatum subsp. palmatum

Acer paxii

Acer pectinatum

Acer aff. pectinatum

Acer pectinatum subsp. pectinatum

Acer pectinatum subsp. taronense

Acer pensylvanicum

Acer pentaphyllum

Acer pictum

Acer pictum × A.platanoides

Acer pictum subsp. ambigum

Acer pictum f. ambiguum

Acer pictum subsp. macropterum

Acer pictum subsp. okamotoanum

Acer pictum subsp. savatieri