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Thank You for Your Interest in The Maple Society!

The International Maple Society was formed in 1990, based in England but with members from all corners of the world. In 2001 the North American Branch (TMSNAB) was formed to look after members in that region. Members of the international society pay their membership to the UK office, while members of TMSNAB pay dues to the North American office in US dollars. Members of both sections receive the same benefits and newsletter.

Membership inquiries - the international society, residents outside North America

If you are ready to join the society and do not reside in North America please use this page to join the Society, paying using PayPal or by printing the membership form and sending it with appropriate payment to the membership secretary - full details are on the form.

For general membership inquiries please use the contact form on this site.

If you reside on the North American Continent

To become a member of the Maple Society when you reside on the North American Continent please print out and complete this form and send it with appropriate payment to the NAB membership secretary - full details are on the form.

If you reside in North America and have a question about the Maple Society, please contact the North American Branch directly.

Benefits of Membership

Newsletter - Membership in The Maple Society entitles you to a subscription to The Maple Society Newsletter, which is published four times a year. The newsletter is currently the main mechanism for communicating with our members and includes articles on species identification and natural history, propagation and other horticultural concerns, book reviews, a question and answer column, upcoming events, and a whole host of other topics of interest to our members. Members are invited to contribute articles on any subject relevant to the Society.

Activism - The Maple Society will continue to become more involved in activities benefiting the future of native and introduced maples, possibly including: the registration of new cultivars, verification of specimen identities in public collections, advising plant explorers on overlooked or under-represented maple species, increasing research in maple systematics and biology, and conservation-related issues.

Website - In January of 2002 we launched our website ( to help keep members informed of upcoming events and to serve as an educational medium. In 2009 the site was redeveloped and moved to a new server. The maple forum hosted at the UBC site for the exchange of information among interested parties remains and has proven quite popular. (Not restricted to members, so check it out!)

Annual Meeting - At least once a year we get together to “talk maples”. Each meeting includes a number of educational presentations as well as tours of public, private, and/or commercial collections of maples. TMSNAB also hold regular meetings usually culminating in a conference over several days in October. We also hold a symposium every three years bringing together those interested in Maples from across the world for talks, visits and social events.

Advertising Rights - With a Corporate membership one receives the opportunity to have an advertisement published in the Newsletter on a regular basis.

We hope your interest has been further stimulated and invite you to join us and share our enthusiasm for this wonderful group of plants. We encourage you to become involved in the activities of the group and help it to grow in directions important to you!

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