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Open Science at the Maple Society

Open Science Initiative

Public education and worldwide collaboration are at the heart of the Maple Society’s purpose. The embrace of an Open Science model is a natural extension of our ongoing work through scientific symposia, published material, meetings and on line. This space is dedicated to articles shared through the Maple Society's Open Science Initiative.

Lime Leaved Maple, Fruiting Branch
Les samares de Acer distylum

Fiche descriptive d'érable à feuilles de tilleul, Acer distylum, par Peter Gregory (traduction française) Fiche Erable: Acer distylum

This is the French version of Peter's A. distylum profile, for English version scroll further on this page.

Acer erianthum flower
Acer erianthum flower

Peter Gregory profiles The Woolly Flowered Maple, Acer erianthum. Maple Profile: Acer erianthum
Acer griseum
Acer griseum, bark

Maples of Iturraran Botanical Garden: Acer section Trifoliata (Pax) 1885

First in an exciting new multilingial series, bringing you the maples of one of Europe's great Botanical Gardens, Iturraran.  By Francisco Garin, Former Director of Iturraran.  In English, French and Spanish!  En Anglais, Francais et Espagnole.  En Inglés, Español y Francés.

Acer campbellii leaf
Acer campbellii leaf

Peter Gregory profiles Campbell's Maple, Acer campbellii. Maple Profile: Acer campbellii
Acer capillipes 'Honeydew', fall color
Acer capillipes 'Honeydew', fall color

Peter Gregory profiles the Hair Foot or Kyushu Maple, Acer capillipes. Maple Profile: Acer capillipes
Unknown Acer, probably forrestii
Acer aff. forrestii

In a collaboration between the University of Ghent and Westonbirt Arboretum, Jan de Langhe and Dan Crowley revisited the vegetative key to the species Acer. Published 24 January, 2018. Acer Vegetative Key
Newly Grafted Acer palmatum Cultivar
New Acer palmatum Graft

In this article from the Maple Society summer 2010 newsletter, Laura Jones describes Dick van der Maat's Maple Winter Grafting Course. Maple Winter Grafting Day
Lime Leaved Maple, Fruiting Branch
Acer distylum, Samaras

Peter Gregory profiles the rare Japanese Lime Leaved Maple, Acer distylum. Maple Profile: Acer distylum
Norway Maple Flower
Acer platanoides, Flowers

In this article from the Maple Society autumn 2010 newsletter, Piotr Banaszczak of the Rogow Arboretum (Rogow, Poland) describes maples native to Europe. Maples of Europe Part I.
Montpelier Maple Flower
Acer monspessulanum, Flowers

Piotr Banaszczak continues with Pan European species in this article from the Maple Society winter 2010 issue. Maples of Europe Part II.


The OSI at the Maple Society is managed by Emery Davis, for information. comments or suggestions please contact

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